Learn how to write stories that establish and maintain momentum.


An in-depth master class on crafting stories that grip readers. Think of it as a writing retreat from home that you can return to as often as you'd like.

Hook Your Reader

Readers latch onto a few simple elements. Learn what those are and how to make them compelling.

Keep Them Hooked

Even when nothing is happening, your narration can keep readers reading. Learn how to use both action and inaction to maintain momentum.

Don't Mess It Up

You can lose readers if they sense a writer behind the smoke and mirrors. Learn tricks to maintain the illusion.

If readers don't care, your story goes nowhere

The first priority is to write a story people want to read. If you don't do that, you simply won't get an agent or a publisher. Self-publish? Sure. But no readers. You need to hook readers and keep them hooked.
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Is anything more important than engaging your reader?

You want to move people with your words

Sure. As David Lodge says, "The job of the artist is to make people feel." But first, you need readers to invest in the story.

You want to express truths about the human condition

I'm with you. Story communicates truth more fully than intellectual assertions can. But the best stories sneak the truth in. Enact truth through compelling narrative.

What is Story Momentum Mastery?

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What students are saying

"TD Storm’s excellent online class, Story Momentum, helps writers supercharge their stories. There are no dry, ho-hum lessons here. Tim uses short stories, novel excerpts, film clips and even music tracks to illustrate momentum in story-telling. The workbooks and challenges help writers to apply what they’ve learned, and the intensive option gives the opportunity for even more extensive feedback from Tim.

"Tim is, first and foremost, a teacher. This is apparent in the way he presents complex material, breaking it down and explaining it in a variety of ways, so that all kinds of learners have access to it. His goal is a simple one: he wants to help his students become better storytellers. This course is unique in that it takes one often-skimmed over aspect of storytelling – momentum – and brings it into sharp focus, allowing students to understand how momentum works and to apply these lessons to their own writing."
Suzanne Samuels
"In Story Momentum, TD Storm has assembled key elements of effective story creation, and he presents them in concrete, lucid terms. Refining a story into its best self requires a different skill set from what’s needed to unearth a story and affix it to a page. The material Tim offers in this course is dense, and to benefit, the writer must actively engage. But dedicated effort here pays off. Tim is not only capable of shedding enlightenment onto a writer’s draft, illuminating what’s working, pinpointing what isn’t, and prescribing solutions. He teaches one to see.

"Tim’s interest in interacting with his participants situates Story Momentum miles above other writing craft resources. His video lectures are engaging, efficient, and spot-on satisfying in addressing burning issues the writer is facing. He means it when he says he’ll listen to your questions, and he truly is just an email away.

"His mastery of story craft allows him to place a name to that which the writer, too close to the work, can’t easily describe. The outcome of Story Momentum is not just a polished creative piece, but a polished creator."
Tricia Wagner

What you get

  • 41 video lectures, delivered in small, manageable doses, but packed with helpful information
  • Approximately 25 handouts
  • Purposeful assignments that will spur you to apply the lessons
  • A responsive instructor who will answer your questions
  • In-depth analysis of successful and unsuccessful storytelling
  • Tips in story craft gleaned from experts
  • Lots of original game-changing conceptualizations for storytellers--concepts you'll find no place elseItem
  • An opportunity to get feedback on your assignmentsItem
  • A serious approach to craft

Two Options

Self-Guided Version


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  • Proceed on your own through the six sections of this course.
  • You get a book's worth of handouts, readings, and workbooks.
  • You're welcome to ask any follow-up questions you have about the material.



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  • Receive all the same perks of the self-guided version of the course.
  • But also: you can submit homework assignments for feedback.
  • (The feedback is an add-on you can purchase after you enroll.)
Meet the instructor

TD Storm

TD Storm is an award-winning writer and teacher whose stories have appeared in a number of journals. His passion for storytelling and its inner workings inform his teaching, editing, and mentoring. He has worked with countless writers on personal essays, novels, short stories, and more. And he's been teaching since 1999.

Want to know more about TD Storm? Check out the About page for the school.

Want to know more about his approach toward writing and teaching writing? Look at this post on the "Core Tenets of Storm Writing School."

Patrick Jones - Course author

Not sure?

I get it. It's a big decision and there are a lot of writing courses out there. Why this one? I truly want this class to be a good fit for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Will this course actually benefit my writing?

The only thing that can truly benefit your writing is you, working at it. But you need to hone your instincts for storytelling if you want to write stories (in any form). This course reveals crucial story concepts--things many writers, both novice and seasoned, get wrong--and gives practical tips for how to write a story an audience can truly engage with.

When does it start and how long do I have? 

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like across any and all devices you own. You can start whenever you like.

What if I have other questions? 

Just email me: I want to be sure to address all of your questions and concerns. And if you sign up and you're unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund. I want to be sure this class is right for you.

Story Momentum Mastery

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