Writing Toward Instinct

On how we assimilate craft knowledge and what simple things we can focus on to avoid being overwhelmed. (This course is included free with your membership in the Writing Craft Club.)
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Can You Relate to Any of These Problems?

An excess of craft advice has you overwhelmed and sometimes paralyzed.
You're waiting on a perfect systematic approach to help you write.
You don't know what craft issues to focus on as you draft a story.

This Class May Help

I begin the course by offering some discussion on how the human brain assimilates and accesses writing knowledge.

We are not computers. And you should not treat craft advice like you're feeding it into an AI algorithm. 
Have you ever sat down to write and been paralyzed by the plethora of craft advice you've recently read?

Take heart: there are only a few things you need to focus on. And I'll tell you exactly what those things are. 
There's a lot you can let go of when you're writing.

In discussing some specific focal points, I hope to inspire you to get your butt in the chair and forge ahead by cultivating and coming to trust your instincts.


  • 8 Lessons
  • 1 Exemplar Story
  • 5 Exercises
  • Links to additional resources you can find at Storm Writing School

From Analysis . . . 

It can be enormously beneficial to examine closely how expert storytelling achieves its aims. But the path from analysis to creativity is one that requires some examination. 

To Instinct

When you're in the midst of drafting a story, you want to have some gut-level intuition on whether you're accomplishing what you want to accomplish with your writing. 
Meet the instructor

TD Storm

TD Storm is an award-winning writer and teacher whose stories have appeared in a number of journals. His passion for storytelling and its inner workings inform his teaching, editing, and mentoring. He has worked with countless writers on personal essays, novels, short stories, and more. And he's been teaching since 1999.

Want to know more about TD Storm? Check out the About page for the school.

Want to know more about his approach toward writing and teaching writing? Look at this post on the "Core Tenets of Storm Writing School."

Patrick Jones - Course author

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(This course is included free with your membership in the Writing Craft Club.)
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